Useful Links


  • The  Cleveland  Clinic  Health  Information  Center

    Produced  by  the  Cleveland  Clinic  to  benefit  patients,  the  general  public,  and  healthcare  professionals,  this  site   offers  nearly  5,000  articles,  videos,  podcasts  and  tools  for  managing  your    health.    A  Health  Information  Search   Specialist  can  answer  questions  via  a  live  chat  service  Monday  through  Friday,  10:00  am  to  1:30  pm  EST   (except  holidays).    

  • Mayo Clinic offers a wealth of easy-­to-­understand health and medical information. In addition to comprehensive disease and condition guides the site includes descriptions of drugs, supplements, tests, and procedures; healthy living guides; a symptom checker; and expert blogs.

  • MedlinePlus

    The National Library of Medicine, a part of the National Institutes of Health, created and maintains MedlinePlus to assist consumers in locating authoritative health information. The first place to go when seeking information MedlinePlus pages offer carefully selected links to web resources with health information on more than 900 topics. The A.D.A.M. medical encyclopedia includes images, videos, and over 4,000 brief articles. Drug and supplement information, a medical dictionary, patient education interactive tutorials, and links to health information in multiple languages are also provided.

  • American Urological Association

    This site provides information on a wide variety of urological conditions affecting men. It also has information about female and pediatric urological disorders.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics

    The American Academy of Pediatrics provides information about health topics, diseases and conditions, child development, and child safety.

  • Alzheimer’s Association

    Information for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, caregivers, and health professionals make this the comprehensive resource on Alzheimer’s disease. Fact sheets, information on diagnosis and management, planning ahead, a glossary and information in multiple languages are included. Message boards provide support and additional information sharing.

  • American Cancer Society

    Provides basic information about cancer and what causes it, as well as in-­depth information about specific types of cancer, their risk factors, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment options. Includes a search tool for finding a local chapter by zip code or city and state. The site links to several online communities. Comprehensive information provided in Spanish; limited information provided in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. A telephone help line, live online chat service and email help are also available.

  • American Dental Association-­Mouth Healthy

    Mouth Healthy is the American Dental Association’s consumer website. Arranged by life stage, sections include healthy habits, top concerns, nutrition and fact or fiction information. Includes list ADA Seal of Acceptance products, A-­Z dental health topics, top 10 dental symptom slideshow, and a section “For Kids” with activities and games to help kids learn the importance of good oral health care. procedures, even games and animations for children and classroom resources for teachers. Also provides find a dentist search tool and a section in Spanish.

  • American Diabetes Association

    Extensive interactive tools add value and interest to this lively website. Diabetes assessment tools, recipes, weight-­?loss and exercise advice, latest diabetes research and a professional section add additional September 2013 9 information. Information about ADA books, a message board, an email newsletter and information in Spanish are also included.

  • American Heart Association

    Extensive information on heart disease and stroke, children’s health, healthy lifestyle, caregiving, a heart and stroke encyclopedia and information in Spanish make this the premier source for information on these conditions. There is also a link to the website of American Stroke Association, a division of the American Heart Association, which shares some of the same information on its website at Local area events and local chapters are covered and some scientific and professional materials are also available.