Why Hochster

Why Hochster

Whether you are a recent graduate, a young or experienced professional, find out why HOCHSTER should be your next logical step.

You will find the kind of environment where people can fully realize their potential. We are a company that empowers employees to exercise leadership skills and team commitment. We look for people with real talent and enthusiasm to become part of our family.

Outstanding People
HOCHSTER places a premium on innovation and giving our people the freedom to think differently. We encourage employees to take on increased responsibility and thereby contribute to the growth of the company. HOCHSTER is a company where professionals of the highest caliber come together to achieve a common goal of ‘exceeding our customers' expectations’.

Personal Development
We are committed to our employees’ development and will ensure that opportunities exist at every stage of their careers for them to grow and fully realize their potential. We take a personal interest in building our family not only as professionals but also as people.

Progressive Career
HOCHSTER is one of the most successful Pharmaceutical and chemical companies in Egypt, working strategically towards growth and expansion through developing our people. You will be able to explore exciting opportunities to grow personally, develop your career, and work in diverse kinds of business

At HOCHSTER, your talent can touch the lives of people everywhere.